Honeybee holds you in heart and helps you shine light on the parts that you are deep within. As a result I feel free - I see the divine in me and know that love prevails over everything.

Lindsey, Educator 


With Honeybee’s gentle guidance, I was able to realize inner strength and connect more fully to my inner self. By learning to detach from old habits and create new healthy choices, I’ve made room for more creative expression in my life. And, I now have access to a treasure trove of tools to help me in the future. 

Alex, Yogi


Honeybee reduced 5 big burly grown Arab men to a heap of human wreckage (in the best sense of the word), writhing on the floor. It was a special moment of connection with my brothers, whom I had just met that evening, and it was a privilege for me to be there and take part in this circle.


Samer, Executive Director CRP


Honeybee was wayyyyy more than a cleanse facilitator… she was counselor, coach, mama bear, hand-holder, wise-woman, love reminder, and transformational guide. I’ve taken many courses throughout the years, and I have never felt so held and supported. I received so much more than just a cleanse from my time with her. I received an actual life shift. Thank you Bee!

Julie Day, Spiritual Counselor


Honeybee Henderson helps your soul fly like they are her own children. She does it all with a recipe called Self Love Tour. There are thousands of us she has awakened and there will be thousands more. None of us will ever forget her smile because it travels thousands of miles and appears like she is next to us. 

David, Retired Engineer