Soul Diving Sessions

We invite you to join us for the Soul Diving Sessions, a powerful initiation for your mind, body and spirit​.

The Process

This sacred journey evolves over an 8-month period. The space and process is led by and held by women. The journey provides a deep dive into your truth, allowing you to access new (undiscovered?) levels of freedom in your body, mind and spirit.

We will utilize practices both ancient and new to shift beliefs, patterns and habits towards a fully integrated, holistic version of yourself. The sessions and supports are designed to offer you an immersive experience. You will touch all areas of your life, all parts of your being, and all aspects that help you to remember who you truly are. You will gain the tools and support that you need to sustain your alignment and continue to open yourself up to the undiscovered treasure of YOU. 

The Details

You will receive monthly live instruction from Honeybee, one on one support from your personal mentor, interactive live council sessions and access to experts in a variety of healing modalities such as voice alchemy, breathwork and more. 

Through this sacred journey you will have the opportunity to explore your mind, body and spirit through:

  • A deeper connection to your energy centers

  • An enhanced understanding of the relationship between body and the outside world, including how to work with the elements and the elementals

  • Communication tools that provide clarity in communication in relationship with self and others

  • An examination of your stories, beliefs & patterns and the tools you need to integrate and shift towards a more expansive version of YOU

  • An orientation towards the heart space and the power of love to heal, restore and nourish self and others

When and Where

Live sessions will not be recorded, you must be able to attend the live sessions to participate.

You are welcome to join the classes and lectures of both streams for extra practice and review.

Timings: 11:00 PST    14:00 EST    19:00 GMT    5:00+1 AET        

Module 1: April 20, May 4

Module 2: May 18, June 1

Module 3: June 15, July 6

Module 4: July 20, August 3

Integration Month* August

Module 5: September 7, 21

Module 6: October 5, 19

Module 7: November 2, 16


For questions about this session, 

feel free to get in touch with me!


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