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40 Day Ganesh Ritual

The 40-Day Ganesh Ritual offers a transformative experience through daily practices and meditations centered around Lord Ganesha. Participants immerse themselves in ancient traditions, seeking wisdom, prosperity, and the removal of inner obstacles. This immersive journey fosters personal growth, spiritual insight, and a deeper connection to divine energies. The ritual's culmination leaves a lasting impact, empowering individuals with inner peace and renewed spiritual vigor.



The Process

Welcome Beloveds!

The intention of this group is to gather in sacred ritual for 40 days in honor of and working with the energy of Ganesha. 


***January 1- February 9, 2018***

Lord Ganesh is a potent force that will support your life in many practical and spiritual ways.  And he is waiting for us to invite him into our lives, so he can do his work. 

This energy is real, and I have had many beautiful experiences with the support of Lord Ganesh, both personally, and in working with others.   He is the guardian of the let's see what happens when we begin to clear the obstacles and elevate our energy.


The Details

This is a self led Ganesh Ritual, offered on a donation basis. The donation is a way for you to stay accountable to yourself.  Investing in yourself in this way is a gift.  Thank you for your generosity toward yourself and the precious container.  If you are not in a position to donate, don't worry, you are still welcome to join.


You choose your path, you choose your destiny. How much you put into the group, will be equal to what you get out of it.  Remember - community is a large part of our healing journey, so lean in, and see what commUNITY awaits you



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Set Daily Intentions

Share new learnings about Ganesh

Share insights you may have

Grow, Evolve, Love...more, more, more.

As always, I love you loving you, Honeybee

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For questions about this training, 

feel free to get in touch with me!


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