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The Science of Devotion

We invite you to join us for The Science of Devotion, a 21 day journey to connect you back to yourself. 

The Science of Devotion is about creating a daily ritual where you meet yourself exactly where you are. In each moment as we grow and change, we take time to be curious about our inner workings of the Body, Mind and Spirit.


Some may be needing inspiration and others a simple container to get back to your practices of reconnecting to your personal practice. 


The Process

Welcome to "Science of Devotion" - the first in our Embodied Wisdom Series.

The Science of Devotion is a transformative course designed to deepen your understanding of the intricate relationship between devotion, discipline, and the principles of science. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth as we delve into the profound practices that harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Week 1: Mastering Devotion and Discipline

In the initial week, immerse yourself in the art of devotion and discipline, exploring the vital aspects of nutrition, movement, and breathing practices. Learn to nurture your body, aligning your routines with purpose and dedication to optimize your overall well-being.

Week 2: Unlocking the Science of Prayer

During the second week, we will unravel the science behind prayer and its diverse methods. Discover how to attune yourself to various energies, enabling a deeper connection and alignment with the universe. Explore prayer as a powerful tool for transformation and spiritual growth.

Week 3: Mastering the Science of Manifestation

In the final week, unlock the secrets of manifestation using scientific principles. Learn techniques to manifest your desires and goals effectively, tapping into the universal laws that govern the process. Understand the interplay of thoughts, intentions, and actions, and how to harness them for a prosperous and fulfilling life.


The Details

 5 live training sessions


2 booster videos with meditations/practices per week.

Investment: $333.00 total

Add 1 Personalized Session to tailor your practice: $444 total

When and Where

Live trainings will be recorded.

Timings for live trainings: 

8:00 PST    11:00 EST    16:00 GMT         

Saturday, October 14 :: Introduction/Welcome

Wednesday, October 18 :: Mastering Devotion and Discipline

Wednesday, October 25 :: Unlocking the Science of Prayer

Wednesday, Nov 1 :: Mastering the Science of Manifestation

Wednesday, Nov 8 :: Celebration/Integration


For questions about this training, 

feel free to get in touch with me!


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