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The Practice

We invite you to join us for The Practice, a 21 day journey to connect you back to yourself. 

The Practice is about creating a daily ritual where you meet yourself exactly where you are. In each moment as we grow and change, we take time to be curious about our inner workings of the Body, Mind and Spirit.


Some may be needing inspiration and others a simple container to get back to your practices of reconnecting to your personal practice. 


The Process

This sacred journey into your body evolves over a 21 day period. 


We will begin our journey meeting ourselves daily for 15-30 minute mini practices. These practices invite you to slow down and reconnect to our Earth Mother, which in turn bring your home to yourself.  We will work with breath, movement, sound, journal prompts to support you in your re-discovery. 


Embodiment is one of the greatest acts of Self Love. Learning how to activate the para-sympathetic nervous system while stimulating the vagus nerve, we will explore what it feels like to feel safe and at home in your body. 


The Practice will build momentum over time allowing you to build confidence in your self for showing up each and every day.  We will strip down and simplify the complexities of being human, and move into a state of grounded wisdom.

We will utilize practices both ancient and new to shift beliefs, patterns and habits towards a fully integrated, holistic version of yourself. The sessions and supports are designed to offer you an immersive experience. You will touch all areas of your life, all parts of your being, and all aspects that help you to remember who you truly are. You will gain the tools and support that you need to sustain your alignment as you continue to open yourself up to the undiscovered treasure of YOU. 


The Details

You will receive daily videos for The Practice. 


We will have 4 live calls to answer questions and/or have discussions of what we are learning about ourselves. 

When and Where

Daily Videos will be delivered to your email the previous night, to give you space to start your practice on your own timing. We recommend first thing in the morning.  


Live sessions will not be recorded.

Timings for live sessions: 

8:00 PST    11:00 EST    16:00 GMT         

September 21 :: Intention

September 28 :: Grounding

October 5        :: Nervous System Regulation

October 12.     :: Integration


For questions about this session, 

feel free to get in touch with me!


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