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40 Day Ganesh Ritual

January 8, 2024




If you have found yourself on this page, perhaps you're seeking support. Maybe life feels really hard right now, or you just have this feeling there is something more. For some of you, it's more about how to take your already amazing life to the next level of serving the greater good. 

Whatever brought you here, welcome. 

There is a shift happening right now, where many of us are being removed from our normal lives and being thrust into the new.  It doesn’t always happen gracefully, but it is very much guided by the purpose of your soul.  

When you are dealing with the challenges and difficulties of these shifts, how do you figure out the meaning of your life, and your purpose for being here? I am here to help you through this. 

With a lifetime devoted to Love and Self Love, I have gathered tools and techniques to support you on your path of alignment.  From yoga and nutrition, to breathwork and movement, from visualizations to embodiment practices, everything that I have is for you….




It is my life’s mission to help you to fall so deeply, so madly, so in love with yourself, that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU carry an integral key to the awakening of the human consciousness.  NO pressure, but you do.  And it’s unique to you, for you to be shared with the rest of us. 


My job, and my pleasure, is to assist you into alignment with your higher self, so that you are on point and living out your purpose.


For years, I did not know who I was or what I wanted.  I spent a lot of time questioning, and attempting to break free from the ever-painful status quo. After a beautiful breakdown/breakthrough in my early 20’s, life gently prompted my journey into Self Love and that became my priority. 


From Yoga to Shamanism, to diving deep into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, I have devoted my life to Self-Love.  First finding it within and now sharing the magic with others.   


Self Love is the cornerstone of my work.  When you are in alignment with yourself, there is nothing left but love…and when you love yourself, really love yourself, anything is possible….in fact, everything is possible. 


It is my greatest honor and privilege to be able to sit with you, to support you and to reflect your beauty back to you. 

Yoga - Meditation - Divine Femine Mysteries - Reiki - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Master's in Spiritual Psychology - Consciousness, Health & Healing - Therapeutic BodyWork - Ayurveda - Shamanism - Bee Priestess  - Path of Pollen -  Sacred Embodiment Practices - Tantra - Womb Wisdom



This is the path of sovereignty and alignment. 

For each of us, the path to alignment may be different, but the methods to getting there are very clear to me, and I can help you create this outcome for yourself now.  

It is my job (and great privilege) to assist you in aligning with your highest self, and make space for you to come into union with your divine self within.  When that happens, it can feel like pure magic.

Once you feel that sense of alignment, I will provide you with a grounded plan to help you maintain alignment, so that you can live to your fullest potential and fulfill your purpose here on the planet.


Tel: 424-235-8233

instagram :: honeybeehenderson

Available for individual & group support, seminars, workshops & trainings internationally.  

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With Honeybee's help I have reached new levels of self-connection, self-confidence, and self-love; really growing into my full potential as a women in this world right now.

Danielle, Operations, SpaceX


Honeybee provides a safe container for me to show up in, as I am, to assist me in aligning with my highest truth. She is both mystical and practical. Her supportive, direct, and tender sweetness are a delight! 

Charelle, Mother


Honeybee walks the talk.  She is genuine and generous, real and wise. She helps me to see that I can live into my potential.  Since working together, I have had a change of career, and most importanly a shift in perspective.  I am now able to meet every moment with love.

Gigi, Yoga Instructor/Life Coach


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